How To Manage Your Time Efficiently If You Have Too Much Homework

No matter how organised you think you are, sometimes it gets to the point when you have too much homework and very little time in which to do it. You try very hard to prioritise but if you have two or more projects that need to be handed in at roughly the same time that can cause so much stress that you just don't know where to start!

At the beginning of the academic year, your school will probably have given you a timetable for your lessons, they also usually give you a homework timetable. This is helpful but some tasks may take longer than the specified time, teachers may slip in a few 'extra' tasks or your schedule may just slip because 'life happens'!

As soon as you feel that you have too much homework and very little time try these time management tips.

  1. Use a Diary. Use a diary or the diary/calendar that is on your cell phone/tablet or computer, just use a diary that works for you. Whichever you use make sure it is easily accessible and ideally has alarm prompts. Don't rely on scraps of paper or post- it notes.

  2. Admin Time. Take a bit of time to organise yourself. Set aside a particular day/time to review your homework targets and add any special activities such as parties or trips. By doing this you will be able to keep on top of your work load.

  3. Time keeping. After a long day in school or college, when is the best time for you to do homework? Do you need some 'chill out time' when you get home or do you find it is best to grab a snack and just get on with the work? Set aside a time that works for you.

  4. Focus. You will complete more work if you set aside an area where you get minimum interruptions. You may find that you get more work done in 30 minutes in the library than you would in two hours at home.

  5. Prioritising. As soon as you are given your homework remit and submission dates, take a look at your diary. Make a note of the significant dates. Re-read the instructions for the tasks. Do you need to schedule time research any additional information.

  6. Time management. Be flexible. If you need to complete a piece of work quickly, then swap the time on that task with one of your other tasks. Be realistic about the amount of time that a task will take to complete.



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