Why Homework Is Good For You- Professional View

The debate has been going on for decades over whether or not homework is helpful and whether or not it should still be used. Supporters believe that it is essential because it gives the student hands-on practice so that they can retain a larger percentage of the information. The opposition believes that it is a waste of time.

Professionals know that homework is essential. You can only retain a small amount of the information that you hear and see. Until you have to utilize the information, you won’t retain enough of the information to be effective. By taking the idea of homework and applying it to a work environment, you will understand why it is so important.

Workers told how to run a fork lift truck but don’t practice it

If you are talking about the scenario when you have workers driving machines that have the capability to maim or kill people, you have to make sure that they don’t just hear how to drive them but they actually have to practice driving them as well. Someone who has never driven a forklift truck can’t just read a manual and drive one. They need to practice how far they should pull the lever or turn the wheel.

Installation man using a manual to learn how to install a gas stove

There are very specific guidelines when you are messing with installing a gas stove. However, when it comes to installing one, the person should be trained and should practice hands-on before they install one in someone’s house because if it isn’t done properly it can blow up or release gas into the house.

Chances are you won’t be able to understand accounting software without practicing how to do it either. Homework is practice. It gives you a chance to apply the concepts that you learned in school and to figure out what concepts you are still struggling with so that you can get additional help on them. You will never know what you don’t understand or what you need to work on if you are not asked to answer various questions.

It is designed to give you the opportunity to establish a list of things that you need clarification and it gives the teacher an idea whether or not the class is able to follow along and whether or not she should continue working on the topic or move on.



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