Coming Up With Literacy Homework Ideas: Basic Tips

Literacy homework has the potential of helping pupils or intimidating them. This calls for careful consideration before issuing any work to be completed away from the class. It must be understood that the assignments are part of the curriculum and general development of the child. They therefore require planning and creativity to make them beneficial to the child and the entire learning process. Some of the suggestions given by experts when coming up with literacy homework ideas include:-

Consider The Time Available

The amount of work assigned and level of difficulty should match the time available to the child to complete the assignment. The pupil should be under no pressure to complete the work yet it should be such that it helps him or her to learn. An assignment to be completed in a day should not be similar to one for a weekend. Consider other activities that should be undertaken in the intervening period.

Resources Available

When coming up with literacy homework ideas, consider the resources available to the pupil. These resources should be as standard as possible. It ensures that all learners have a level field and can therefore score the highest mark regardless of individual situations. Any equipment or materials to be used should be available to all at a uniform rate.

Allow Creativity

Creativity is an essential part of the learning process. Ensure that the ideas you generate allow the learners to be as creative as possible. This will eliminate the rigid feeling that comes with education and allow them to learn at their own pace. Creativity helps the ideas learnt to stick permanently in their heads. It also takes away the monotony of a straight line learning model. They have a chance to apply the same principle in different circumstances.

Not A Standard Test

The homework should never form part of a test because of the differences in the conditions under which the work is done. One pupil may benefit from the assistance of a parent while the other may use online resources. Such discrepancies are likely to disadvantage certain pupils. This is against the general principle of education where it is supposed to be a tool for standardization.

Experts propose that the ideas developed for literacy homework should:-

  • Not be based on the worksheet- it allows you and the students to think outside the box
  • Is easy to differentiate- this sets it apart from other assignments in different areas
  • Easy to get feedback- the feedback gives you an indication of whether or not the exercise deliver the expected targets



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