Dealing With Algebra Homework: Advice For High School Students

I know that when I was at high school the last thing that I would have wanted to do would have been algebra homework. I mean, you have to have done something really bad to deserve that right? Wrong. Algebra is just one component of your math coursework, and, in the same way, that you probably enjoy doing certain subjects you have to learn to suck up and deal with the ones that you don’t. Doing your algebra homework is actually a good life lesson. Grown-ups have to do things they don’t like doing too, and if you can get into the habit of absorbing the bad with the good, then it will stand you in good stead for later life.

The pressing problem that you have now is what is the best way to deal with your algebra homework?

Be prepared

This applies to all of your topics, not just algebra. Set aside a designated area at home that is yours and yours alone for studying. Fill it with all of the essential equipment and supplies that you will need. Doing this will get you a long way as it will save all of the angst and hassle of looking for a compass or a protractor, or hunting high and low for the cable for your laptop.

Do it early

Before you start squealing in disgust. It makes sense to do the things that you hate ahead of time, rather than putting them off to the last minute. There are numerous benefits to knuckling down and doing this early. Not least the fact that if you need help, you have plenty of time to get it. This is also a good life skill, by the way!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There is no shame in admitting that you need a little help, or that you don’t fully understand what is required of you. Your tutor gets paid to help you. They are not ogres. Ask if there is anything that you are unsure about and this will save a lot of stress and help eliminate the possibility of a low grade.

Keep it in perspective

Whether you love algebra or hate it, it has to be done. Simply accepting this will get you a long way.

Work methodically

Try and resist the temptation to look at it as if aliens have written it for aliens. You can do this. It is mind over matter. A methodical approach is called for when working on subjects that require complex problem-solving abilities. Whizz through it methodically, and you will wonder what on earth all of the fuss was about.



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