How To Cope With Physics Homework Overload: A Simple Strategy

Physics can be overwhelming enough on its own as a subject, but the heavy workload that most physics courses carry makes it worse. It’s easy to fall behind when lengthy problem sets are assigned every night, especially when studying for tests and quizzes is piled on top. Luckily, using this simple strategy can help you cope with physics homework overload.

Stay current with assignments

Chances are your teacher imposes a point penalty for assignments that are turned in late. This penalty can be as much as one letter grade for every day it’s late. So getting behind on assignment can kill your course grade very quickly. Do your best to stay current on assignments. Even if it means guessing on a few problems, you’ll still probably get a better grade than the A to C drop that could happen if you turn it in two days late. If you do find yourself falling behind, the best strategy is to put the assignment you’re struggling with on the back burner and focus on getting the most recent assignment done. It’s better to have a late grade on one assignment than on every assignment because you fell behind.

As your teacher for help

If you do find yourself falling behind, don’t be afraid to go to your teacher for help. Let them know you’re struggling or falling behind, and ask them to help you come up with a plan to get back on track. Chances are they’ll be happy that you cared enough to ask for help, and that you’re doing your best. Ask if they’ll forgive late grades on a couple past assignments so you can focus on getting the current work done.

While you’re there, don’t just ask them for extensions, ask them for help. Let them know what you’re struggling with. If it’s a specific concept or theory, or if it’s with the math component, ask them to work through it with you and give you tips. Because most physics assignments are graded not only for the answer, but also for the work shown, if your teacher understands what exactly you’re struggling with, they’ll be more likely to give you credit for trying.

Focus on important principles

You’ll likely have to memorize hundreds of equations, rules, and concepts in your physics class. The better you are at recognizing which are the important, recurring principles, and which you’ll only see once, the better you’ll be able to use your study time.



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