Does Doing Your Homework Make You Smarter: Expert Opinion?

A question that explains the relationship between a regular task to comply and how it will affect the doer. In reality, homework is something that most students ignore or forget. Is it because of laziness? Or is it because it only has a small bearing on the grade? This article will hopefully explain the answers in two ways:


  • It helps a learner become independent. This description or quality improves brain activity and will help the student in planning and decision-making.

  • It will help build self-confidence. Smart people do not just need intelligence. They need the power to express and deliver it.

  • It will develop initiative. When you are smart, you don’t wait to be told to do or perform something. You do it because it is your nature.

  • It is a form of brain exercise. When you concentrate on doing something, your neurons are also working along with your hand and body gestures or movements.

  • It will bring forth peace of mind. It is a smart move to work alone without interruptions or disturbance.

  • It shows that you are effective by all means. With no one teaching or giving instructions, you are a leader in your own right.

  • It shows that you are efficient at all angles. No time is wasted, and fewer errors are committed.

  • It is cost-efficient. You need not spend extra money to spend for food or services.

  • It shows a good command responsibility. When you motivate yourself to do things on your own, how much more if you are with people as their leader.

  • It manages your time wisely. Smart people tend to do things right away, so they become productive in all means.


  • It is boring. When you work alone, sometimes you wish there is someone to help.

  • You are just wasting your time. Why spend time doing it when your teacher will not check it, and it only has a little bearing on academic performance.

  • It will encourage cheating. Most of the time, lazy students just copy it from their classmates

  • It’s not done home. Meaning its all school work after all.

  • It motivates students to tell a lie. When a student misses his/her homework, a lot of alibis and excuses are made; therefore ignoring honesty

Whether you chose to answer yes or no, doing an assignment is still a vital training for learners. No matter how easy or difficult, we put our heart and mind in doing it because someday, it will affect things that we perform in everyday life. Remember, we shall reap what we sow. If we start it right now, then we will have a brighter future ahead of us.



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