Free Homework Help: Time-Saving Techniques For Students

The workload for students, from high schools to universities, can be overwhelming and at times impossible. For students who are balancing homework with sports, extracurricular activities, and family obligations, any technique that can help save time on assignments is a must. Use these tips and techniques to work efficiently on assignment to make the most out of your time while still achieving the best grades possible.

  • TIP 1: Read the directions and questions carefully
  • The first step to working efficiently on your homework is to read the direction and each question carefully. Misreading the directions can cause you to waste a lot of time, and even require you to redo the whole assignment. When reading the directions carefully, make sure you understand how you should approach the problem, and what kind of information you must include in your answer. Whether it is a math or history assignment, important information can be contained in the question that will help you understand exactly what it is asking, and what you need to understand it. When reading the question look for words like ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘when’, and ‘why’ that will tip you off about what kind of answer is required.

  • TIP 2: Look for patterns
  • Often times assignments, and tests for that matter, will ask questions in patterns—grouping questions together based on certain topics or skills needed to answer them. If you can identify these patterns, you’ll be able to answer questions in groups, where answers can build off of each other.

  • TIP 3: Answer the problems you know first
  • This is a popular strategy in test taking too—by going through and answering the questions that you know first, you’ll get them out of the way and have a better understanding of how much of the assignment you may need help on and what information you’ll need to be able to answer the remaining questions. By starting with the problems that are easiest for you, you’ll also practice the skills used in the assignment which can help you with more challenging problems.

  • TIP 4: Don’t spend too much time looking up answers
  • It’s important to remember that homework assignments are an opportunity to practice before a test. To make the most out of this opportunity, you should try to use the same conditions as the test for the homework. Instead of looking up every questions as you come to it, try it first on your own.



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