How To Do My Homework Very Quickly: A List Of Helpful Suggestions

In this modern world of distractions, it can be difficult to concentrate long and hard enough to work. Students growing up with the internet and cell phones, often have trouble settling down and doing homework.

But it is possible to be more efficient with homework. Here are some tips to help you do your work more quickly.

Suggestions to Help You Do Your Homework

  • Turn off distractions. These include cell phones and television. You can also turn off your computer. If you need it, think about disconnecting the internet, or limiting access to one or two necessary sites.
  • Music is another distraction. While it can be relaxing, listening to music while working actually keeps you from performing at your best. For some people, music without lyrics is an exception. But stay on the safe side and take out those earphones for the moment.
  • Designate an area as your homework area. This could be the library or a quiet place in your home. Sit straight at your desk and put yourself in the mindset that for the next few hours, you will be working--and nothing else.
  • Take one to five minute breaks every twenty minutes. Every twenty minutes, our brains begin to slow down and we lose focus. This is natural. When you feel yourself beginning to reread a page or zone out, rather than punish yourself, take a walk around the room, close your eyes, or do something to break the routine.
  • If you’re planning to work for a while, eat something healthy such as a banana, and drink lots of water. Homework is like exercise for the brain, and you need lots of energy to focus. How can your brain function correctly if you’re not giving it any energy?
  • Reward yourself. Make a list of everything you have to do. Then cross each thing off as you finish it. That sense of achievement will keep you motivated and on task.
  • Time yourself. Try to do your schoolwork as quickly as possible, like a game. Chances are, it will even become fun, and you’ll be quicker anyway, as you race against the clock.

While it’s not always easy to do homework quickly with all our modern distractions, these tips, including turning off the cell phone, re-energizing, giving yourself breaks, rewarding yourself, and timing yourself, should help you stay focused and thus accomplish more in less time.



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