Where Can I Find A Volunteer Willing To Help Me With Homework?

No matter what the subject, it’s always a good idea to find volunteer tutors to assist you whenever you have problems completing your assignments on time or in their entirety. One can always check classifieds or online postings, but more often than not these are tutors who will provide services at a cost. So the following is some advice on where you can find a volunteer willing to help you with your homework assignments for free:

Visit an Online Tutoring Website

The first place you should check for help is online. There are a number really good tutoring sites that are either school or non-school affiliated. Find a tutoring site that also provides you with free downloadable resources such as tip sheets or study guides. You might even find some sites that include short video lessons on a number of topics. When it comes to getting one-on-one support you can usually submit a question by chat or email. However, one-on-one support is usually limited to just one or two questions since live tutor volunteers are often helping several dozens of students from all over the country.

Attend an After School Study Session

You should also look into signing up for an after school study session. Usually these sessions are run by volunteer educators or tutors. It would be good to go to a session that is specifically led by the same teacher of the class you are struggling doing your assignments in. Even if it’s only for a few nights a week you should attend after school study sessions to get on the path towards raising your grades and getting some extra study time before exams. This method is also a great way of showing your teacher that you are taking the steps towards improving in class.

Find College Tutoring Volunteers

Finally, many college institutions require some volunteer tutoring time from their students as a means for course credit. Call or visit the tutoring center at your local college or university and ask about signing up to receive some free tutoring. Volunteers are rather limited and often can’t commit more than a few hours per week, so be sure to sign up early in the semester so that you can get the assistance you need from the most qualified volunteers. If you do find someone you can work well with you might be able to arrange to continue receiving help well after the semester has ended.



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