7 Main Reasons Why There Should Be Homework: A Professional View

Students, politicians, teachers and parents all have different views when it comes to providing students with homework to do. Some feel that is beneficial is for students to do homework, for a wide range of different reasons, whilst others feel that homework should be abolished - students often favour the latter opinion.

The following provides details of several reasons why homework should be continued, including reasons relating to students, schools and teachers.

  1. It saves teachers valuable time
  2. Quite often, lessons are short and a teacher’s time is incredibly valuable. As a result, to ensure that students get the greatest benefit whilst in school, it can be a good idea to set extra study to do outside of lesson time so as to ensure that the teacher can teach as effectively as possible.

  3. It encourages independent thinking
  4. Homework can help students to develop independent thinking techniques, which not only helps to increase their learning capabilities, but can be useful later on in life when it comes to developing a career.

  5. It reinforces what students have learned during the day
  6. Students can often have a better chance of remembering what they have learned during the day by studying outside of regular school hours. As a result, homework can be hugely beneficial when it comes to ensuring that students leave school with as wide a knowledge of different subjects as possible.

  7. It develops critical research skills
  8. As well as developing independent thinking, studying at home is also a great way of developing research skills. As well as being useful both in school and later on in university, it also has benefits when it comes to students finding careers later on in life.

  9. It develops organisational skills
  10. As well as imparting knowledge about a wide range of different subjects, schools aim to teach students other important life skills. For example, learning how to organise one’s time is a highly important and useful skill, and one which can be developed by setting students work to do at home.

  11. It encourages students to take more of a personal interest in what they are doing
  12. If students need to research and write about what they have learned, it can help them to take more of a personal interest in what they’re doing, which can help with the educational process.

  13. It helps teachers to see how well students are understanding what they are being taught
  14. Finally, teachers can see how well students are progressing by setting them work to do outside of lessons, thus enabling them to focus on any weak areas in the knowledge of individual pupils.



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