Best Homework Tips: Using Time Management Techniques Properly

As a general rule, you can expect after school work of about 10 minutes per grade. Properly set homework helps the student apply or practice their knowledge, and can let the teacher know that the lesson has been understood. When completed, it leaves the child prepared for the next day at school as the tasks will bridge the gap between learning at school and learning at home. It helps in teaching a student how to follow instructions on their own, which will help later with learning how to approach exams. Also, homework teaches the student how to look up any answer he or she does not know, helping with research for papers.

Time management may seem like it is for office work, but the skills can also be applied to getting your homework completed.

How to get your Homework done

  • Good study habits need to be taught, and they are easier when learned at an early age, but don’t worry they can be learned at any age if you apply yourself.

  • Study at the same time and place every day. This builds the habit that when you are in this place you set to work.

  • Have everything you will need close at hand. Set up an office for working with pens and paper lined up ready. There is nothing more distracting that having to get up and look for your calculator – have it available if you know you have Math problems.

  • Set up a diary. Make sure you know what you have to do and when it has to be handed in. Set your email to send you reminders.

  • Psychology plays a part in getting things done. Understand why you would prefer to be watching that movie and use that as a motivator for getting your tasks done. Set rewards for finishing the work correctly and on schedule.

  • Some people find it is easier to study with a friend. If there is something you are puzzled by perhaps explaining it to your friend might help you understand especially if the friend can point out where you might be making mistakes.

  • If you find settling into your work difficult because you keep remembering other jobs you forgot to do, get into the habit of jotting it down in a dedicated notebook and setting it aside for the duration of your study period.

  • Backwards Planning. Do you prefer to daydream rather than do your work? Daydream that you’ve done your work. Think about how long you took to work through each task, and you plan your work backwards.



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