Best Places To Visit In Search Of Physics Homework Help

Physics is a tough subject! If you have been pounding your brains out and need some help on your physics homework, here are some helpful resources.

Your school/campus

Before googling physics help online, check out what’s available to you at your high school or college campus. Your best bet is to get help from the school’s own labs and tutors. Even better, the work they help you with will be in line with assignment instructions. You won’t have to go back and re-work your assignment to ‘fit’ the instructions.


This may not be an obvious choice, but it can be just what you need. Many public libraries now offer homework help to school students with a library card. If you are in college, you may have similar resources available to you through your campus library.

Online Resources

When you really need some help, it is tempting to just google ‘physics homework help’ and click on the first link in the search results. However, this may not be the most helpful approach. Take some time to research what kind of help a tutoring website has to offer, and how they will deliver it. Also, be sure to find out how much it will cost, if anything. If you are a high school student, be sure to get your parents’ permission before signing up to get help from an online tutor.

Most online tutoring websites will give you a free initial tutor session, but this often means signing up with your name and a credit card. Even the ‘best’ tutoring sites get mixed reviews. The truth is, no matter how reputable the site is, the quality of help you get will depend upon the individual who helps you. You may get a tutor who really knows her stuff, but struggles with trying to explain physics concepts in a way you will quickly grasp and understand. In the end, this isn’t helpful. You may find yourself more confused than ever. If you do sign up to get the help of a tutor, and it’s not helping, let him know. You will be saving yourself frustration, and the tutor will appreciate your honesty.

Wrapping it up

Keep this article bookmarked. The next time you get stuck with your physics homework, you can start right here and find the best places to visit for help.



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